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Rakeshh Gupta - Investment Strategies Of Billionaires

Pravin Raveendran

Rakeshh Gupta - Investment Strategies Of Billionaires
Oct 6 · 33 min

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In this episode, investment expert Rakeshh Gupta answers investor questions about the investment strategies followed by billionaires to see where and how they’re positioned for 2023 and, importantly, what ideas and lessons savvy investors can glean from this elite group.   
Rakeshh Gupta is a highly experienced international management professional with executive and board management expertise, a strategic vision, and a strong performance track record. In the past, Rakeshh led the Essel Group—a multi-diversified Indian conglomerate—as Group President (Finance), managing their media and other businesses, investment and finance functions across 172 countries. Rakeshh has also served as President/CEO of Hinduja Group, the largest multinational British Indian conglomerate, for over five years, where he was responsible for Business & Project Development, Strategic and Investment Advisory, Fund Raising, and M&A.  

In 2018, he founded SayeNvest Capital Advisory, a boutique strategic, financial, and family office advisory firm that advises various business conglomerates and family offices on investment strategies. 

0:00 - Intro   
2:09 - What particular life experiences of Rakeshh have made him a subject matter expert on this topic?  

4:41 – Are there any reasons for the Indian subcontinent's family offices' less cooperative or more secretive behavior?  

7:19 – What typical differences exist between the present investment portfolios of Indian and Western billionaires?   

18:30 – What specific functions of a family office can be outsourced?  

23:53 – What are the best strategies for approaching billionaires?  

27:57 – How much of a billionaire's investment decisions are made by them directly, and how much is handled solely by the family office?  

30:41 - Do billionaires only care about their financial success, or are they also motivated by a desire to change the world? 

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