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Scott Krivokopich - Paytech Investing: The Good, The Bad & The Huge Opportunity

Scott Krivokopich, Managing Partner and Co-founder 1982 Ventures

Scott Krivokopich - Paytech Investing: The Good, The Bad & The Huge Opportunity
Jul 26, 2022 · 35 min
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In this episode, early-stage paytech expert, Scott Krivokopich answers investor questions on Paytech Investing. 

Scott shares with investors the good, the bad, and the huge opportunities he discovered as an active paytech investor in startups such as Brick, PINA, Fundiin, Monit, TripleA, and IPID.

Scott is a Managing Partner and Co-founder at 1982 Ventures, boasting one of the most active portfolios in Southeast Asia.

He previously was a Principal at tryb Group and led the Investments team. He led investments into First Circle, leading digital SME lender in the Philippines, Asia Collect, a regional digital debt collection services, and supported the team in a growth equity deal, Chinsay global enterprise technology SaaS.

Prior to joining tryb in December 2016, Scott worked as Director and Office Head for Moore Stephens, leading corporate finance and CFO services practice, in Shanghai.

0:00 - Intro

3:04 - Why is now the right time to increase exposure in payment tech?

5:20 - What are the subsectors for payment tech?

7:51 - Is the process of investing in Southeast Asian startups similar to investing in Western startups?

14:18 - How are policy changes impact investing in Southeast Asia?

18:07 - Are payment tech startups overvalued?

22:07 - How does Scott determine the appropriate valuation for a payment technology startup?

23:57 - What are the emerging trends that Scott is following and wanting to invest in?

32:06 - How can investors work with Scott?


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