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Lajla Aganovic - Shifting Gender Balance in Finance: What's the Impact on Investors and Entrepreneurs


Lajla Aganovic - Shifting Gender Balance in Finance: What's the Impact on Investors and Entrepreneurs
Aug 24, 2022 · 29 min

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In this episode, investment expert Lajla Aganovic answers investor questions about the evolving gender balance in the investment world, where it's headed, and how its impacting men and women. 

Lajla Aganovic is an experienced senior investment officer with experience in private tech firms and the banking sector. She has proven expertise in Portfolio Management, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and she holds the credential of Chartered Financial Analyst. 

Lajla graduated from the EPFL with a MSc in cryptography and security of systems, but her passion for interacting with people worldwide diverted her from the pure scientific career to embrace the world of asset management and venture capital. She started her career in Lombard Odier Group (equities portfolio management), and obtained the CFA certification, then moved to private investments in Freemont Management SA (focus on VC strategy, direct investments at growth stage and later-stage co-investments), after which she joined Swisscom Ventures in order to fully use her technological and financial skills in a Venture Capital fund. Currently, Lajla is Head of Venture Engagement in Logitech International S.A. 
0:00 - Intro 
4:04 - How has Lajla's experience been working as a woman in various sectors across multiple industries? 
11:01 - What are the different communities for women that Lajla has been a part of? 
16:35 - Lajla shares her experience around the shift in the mindset of female executives in the financial sector 
22:28 - How Lajla’s peers have been supportive within the venture capital industry? 
26:36 - What advice does Lajla has for the younger people who are entering first time in the financial industry? 
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